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Registered office

Carpetright plc
Purfleet Bypass
RM19 1TT

Telephone: 01708 802000

Registered in England & Wales with number 2294875
Date of incorporation: 12 September 1988
Re-registered as plc: 04 June 1993
VAT number: 810 2986 41

Frequently Asked Questions

The question and answer guide is intended to provide a brief introduction to Carpetright plc, its operating companies and shareholder issues.

What is Carpetright plc's vision?

The Group aims to be the first choice for all consumers by offering the broadest range of floorcoverings at great value, with excellent customer service and accessed through an integrated multi-channel proposition.

What are your principal areas of business?

Carpetright plc is a floor coverings and beds retailer, selling a wide range of carpets, rugs, vinyls and laminates together with associated accessories as well as beds. The Group trades from stores organised and managed in two geographical segments. These are the “UK” and the “Rest of Europe” (comprising The Netherlands, Belgium and the Republic of Ireland).

How does carpetright plc seek to build shareholder value?

The Group's key business objective is to be a leading European of floor coverings and beds, offering a comprehensive range of products at great value, supported by excellent customer service, accessed through an integrated multi-channel proposition.

The primary financial objective of the Group is to deliver long-term sustainable growth in earnings per share and cash flow. We achieve this through a number of strategies, the detail of which can be found in our "About us" section.

How has Carpetright plc performed over the past five years in terms of growth, revenues and profits?

View Our performance section.

How do I get a copy of the Annual and Interim Reports?

You can view and download a copy of the reports from the Results, reports and presentations section of this site.

Should I invest in Carpetright plc?

We are not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to provide advice to investors. For investment advice, please contact a stockbroker or independent financial adviser regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

What is the dividend policy at Carpetright plc?

Company profits are customarily handed back to shareholders in part in the form of dividends. The frequency and amount per share of dividend payments are decided by the Board of Directors. Carpetright plc normally pays an interim dividend each February and a final dividend for the previous financial year in September.

What is your issued share capital?

The Company is required by the FSA's Disclosure and Transparency Rules to disclose to a RNS on a monthly basis its issued share capital and voting rights. Details of the latest announcement can be found in the regulatory announcements section of our website.

What is Carpetright's market share?

Carpetright is the market leading floor coverings retailer in Europe. Current estimates put our market share at approximately 26% of the UK total floor coverings market. (Source: Verdict Research).

What is the stock/ticker symbol for Carpetright plc?


When does Carpetright report its financial results?

Full details can be found in our financial calendar.

Who are the Company's Registrars and how do I contact them?

Carpetright's registrars are:

Computershare Investor Services plc
PO Box 82
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
Bristol BS99 7NH

How do I check my shareholding details online?

You need to go to the Carpetright plc web page maintained by the Registrar.

What do I need to do if I change my personal details?

Please write to the Registrars as soon as possible at:

Computershare Investor Services plc
PO Box 82
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
Bristol BS99 7NH